Listen To YEG’s CBC Radio Active Segment!

Listen to YEG’s CBC Radio Active Segment!

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 “Anything that they have excess of — that might be donations, over-orders, or simply fruits and vegetables with blemishes on them — we pick that up and we deliver it to a service agency,” Huber told CBC’s Radio Active.

Edmonton has really been great to us over the past couple months. There has been an outpouring of support from various news outlets, radio stations, and local politicians looking to help us get the word out about the Leftovers Initiative. We are in the midst of getting our front-line volunteer team together, so the coverage has been much appreciated.

Here is a link to a recent CBC article and Radio Active interview with our team Lead, Daniel Huber. If this is your first time on our site or are deciding wether you would like to be involved or not, have a listen to the radio segment – Daniel breaks down what we are working towards.

Read more on CBC here.